Classic Mani/Pedi

This service is for my classic girls that just want some clean up, shaping and polish.

Gel Mani/Pedi

This service if for us girls that ruin our polish in 2 seconds lol GUILTY!

Nailart 1

This set package is for simple nailart.(full mani included)

  • Half-moons

  • Glitter ombré

  • Reverse French

  • Lines 

  • Dots

  • Half-Dip

*5-10 fingers*

Nailart 2

This set package is for :

(full mani included)

  • Rockstar

  • Ombré 

  • Marble 


*5-10 fingers*

Dreamy Mani/Pedi

Come indulge in an amazing Mani or Pedi. The Quanta Muscle Rub helps relax the muscles after a long day of work or workout. Helps with arthritis pain amongst other aches. These services include extended massage.


Need some extra love?Let's exfoliate and hydrate your skin.  Our home made scrub is organic and made with lots of love. Did I mention its included in every service?!

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